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locked menu on TV

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locked menu on TV

Gepostet: 30.07.2006 - 12:07 Uhr  ·  #1
Producer / Hersteller: Goldstar
Type designation: CB-20A80X
Chassi: ?

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My Knowledge: Basics with Repair

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Sorry for posting in English, but my German is realy bad.

My problem: while messing around in the menu of my spare TV (Goldstar CB-20A80X), I accidently hit the lock function. All the buttons on the TV itself are now locked with as a result that I cannot change my channel settings.
I do not have the original remote of the TV, so I cannot unlock it with the remote. My universal replacement remotes do not have a menu button on them.

Can anyone hep me unlock the menu from my TV without having to use the remote?


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